Monday 30 May 2011

The Open Road

by Ken Jones
What was it like on the open road at Whitsun Holiday before the onslaught of the motor car? I don't know - I'm too young - but today we were able to see what it was like when traffic in Somerset avoided the A358 and A361 and my camera so that a coach called "Island Queen" could bring back Bank Holidays and the Open Road. With a wave from the driver and a smile from the young hostess, the passengers can sit back and admire the view, without the traffic of today.
picture by "zummerset in days gone by" - a Ken Jones idea

We were able to achieve this thanks to the following people:

  • The local "bobby" on his bike for traffic control - also resurrected for the day
  • My sister for providing lunch - she knows how to look after me
  • Local villagers who stayed away because of the uncertainty in Bank Holiday weather - something that still continues to this day

Unfortunately to really capture the time gone by we needed to paint out the cycle lane and remove the modern lamp - posts but we didn't have enough visitors / volunteers to do this - perhaps next time.