Thursday 2 June 2011

Ilkeston Flyer, Leicester Express and club 55

At present the Ilkeston Flyer runs every half an hour between Derby and Ilkeston operated by one tb bus and one Felix bus. Commencing 26th June it will be every 20 minutes with two tb buses and one Felix. Also depot placing journeys are being extended to Langley Mill.

A new limited stop service, Leicester Express, has been registered by tb commencing 25th July. Historically Barton's operated an hourly service number 12 and more recently trent barton and Stagecoach operated a Leicester, Nottingham, Doncaster service 777 for a short time. There is already speculation as to which buses will be used for the new service with coaches 57 and 58 being suggested.

Trent barton's June newsletter has announced  travel bargains for the over-55s with club 55.