Monday, 27 June 2011

A selection of Chisinau buses

There are a few full-size motor buses on town services. I think these are Hyundais. They have step entrances and manual gearboxes and a very Japanese sliding centre door. They run M-F paralleling the trolleybuses but charge a premium fare of 18p compared with 12p on the trolleys.

A route and manufacturer branded Merc.

Kassborer Setra.

This bus once belonged to Connex. Our guess of The Netherlands has been confirmed by Tony Wilson.

Christoph, a friend from Germany, comments:
"I had to comment on one bus picture from Chisinau posted on 27 June, by the way. The greenish Dutch bus belonged to Connexxion, originally a Dutch state-owned company which had nothing to do with the French company Connex."

Almost Stagecoach stripes.

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  1. The "Cristehtrans" bus belonged to Connexxion, a large bus operator in the Netherlands. They had nothing to do with the French company Connex but were stated owned until 2007 when 2/3 were sold to Transdev, a French competitor of Connex (now Veolia). Okay, Transdev and Veolia merged in 2011, but that was well after said bus went to Moldavia.