Saturday, 23 July 2011

Freightlin​er loco in Pennsylvan​ia

Posted by PicasaBob Carter who emigrated to the USA many years ago has sent these pictures from Enola, Pennsylvania.

Phil G knows the reason:
"Hi Richard
Re your latest focus blog post, the reason that the Freightliner loco is back in the USA is because it was "dropped, whilst being unloaded from the boat in the UK !
"70012 was being offloaded off the MV Beluga Endurance at Newport Docks when the Chains conveying the loco snapped (due to weight) dropping 70012 from 15ft in the air back into the ship's hold. The damage is quite serious. 70012 has been sent back to the US for assessment of damage".
The word "Ouch" springs to mind !
Phil G"