Saturday, 2 July 2011

Transport in Lasi

Most buses in Iasi are second hand from western Europe.

A typical German bus - many were from the Hamburg area.

From just over the border in France, this Renault is from Strasbourg.

Several of these buses were running with engine covers raised although the temperature was only 25 C.

For more pictures of these Stuttgart trams see Richard's tram blog.

Belgium is represented by these former Brussels buses.

Finally I think these may be second hand from Buchurest. They are low floor with manual gear boxes.

Richard Lomas


  1. About the lastblue bus.. Iasi bought some new MAZ buses a few years back; they are all worn and seem like second hand.

  2. The Renault R312 is from Paris, not Strassbourg. It was repainted in Ia┼či and was modified to run with LPG with EU founds (yes, by CIVITAS they put LPG on old buses. Others preferd to mount choppers on their trams instead of mounting LPG on buses)

  3. In the last picture is a MAZ bus, built in Minsk, Belarus. They were all bought brand new some years ago, and util the leasing period was over, they all had temporary license plates registered in Bucharest. This the case in Targu Mures too, where the majority of the fleet consists of these types of buses (most of them have an automatic gearbox though.

  4. The Mercedes bus belongs to a private regional operator and it's rented to a factory for its employees. There are 30 Renault R 312 buses in Iasi. 29 of them are from Paris and one is from Strasbourg. The one that you photographed was bought from Paris, but the engine cover was replaced with one belonging to a second ex Strasbourg bus bought for spare parts. There are 50 MAZ buses (the blue-white ones) that were bought new in 2005-2006.