Saturday, 30 July 2011


It is 10:20 precisely and the driver for the 10:20 X17 from Chesterfield to Sheffield has strolled across to his bus. Even though there were few cash fares to collect it was 10:23 before the bus departed. On my return journey I arrived in Chesterfield at 18:30 expecting to see trent barton's Red Arrow disappearing round the corner but no, the bus hadn't even pulled onto the stand. It also left three minutes late and arrived in Ripley seven minutes late. Had I paid a cash fare, would have been eligable for a refund?
In response to the comment, I find it difficult to believe that drivers are not allowed time to collect fares, particularly on double deckers. If this is not the case then late departures are inevitable which will lead to customer complaints.


  1. Just to point out you'd automatically be allowed a refund on Trent Barton vehicles anyway, due to their "no quibble" money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!

  2. As I really thought you'd know by now, Richard! .... On any journey on red arrow or trent barton, you are welcome to ask for your money back from the driver for any reason - that's our no quibble money back guarantee!

  3. 10:20 X17 - the driver taking this would've been on his break until... 10:20! Some drivers may give up 5 minutes of their own (unpaid) time to set off on time, others may not. Hope this helps.