Monday 22 August 2011

Can you identify this bus?

Ken Jones writes:
"Here are the first pictures of the latest N gauge model I've acquired. It's a very thin gauge white metal kit and I've not seen one like it before so it may have been a prototype model. It came in 5 parts - 2 sides, front, back and roof.

It looks to be a service bus as it has destination blinds. It is right hand drive because the passenger doors are on the nearside - it has emergency doors at the rear on both sides and part of the sides look more like an American coach.

It came from Ebay in a paper bag marked "bus" and cost me £1 plus postage. I'm the last of the big spenders. There were no other bids probably because no-one knew what it was meant to be.

I may have stuck the roof on back to front but it fitted together better this way as in the pictures."