Sunday 21 August 2011

Premiere service 2

Yesterday we had a ride on Premiere's new service 2 from Eastwood to Hucknall which is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund. We were the only passengers leaving Eastwood but in total it carried 15 (11 pass holders and 4 paying customers) which was more than I expected.
The bus left Eastwood 4 minutes late and was 6 mins late arriving in Selston where it took a wrong turn and had to reverse at Church Lane/Stoney Lane where the driver had difficulty in finding reverse. At the next stop the driver couldn't change a £20 note causing another delay whilst the lady borrowed money from her friend. We left Selston 8 minutes late but negotiated Sherwood Business Park very quickly on a Saturday morning leaving 2 minutes late and arriving in Hucknall 1 minute early at half past the hour.
The next Rainbow 3 to Nottingham Victoria was due in 2 minutes from the same stop but this was 6 minutes late.

I also picked up a timetable for the new Red8 service to Nottingham. The terminus will be in Milton Street which is nearer the city centre than Victoria bus station and there will be 'special launch offer cash fares' of £1 single and 7 days unlimited travel for £5. 
Richard Lomas