Sunday 11 September 2011

Electric Power Cars for Voyagers?

DfT are looking at the proposal to add electric power cars to the Voyager fleet which they say would cut fuel costs, increase capacity and reduce CO2 emissions. Jobs at Derby-based train maker Bombardier who originally built the trains, could be safeguarded if a bid to upgrade a fleet of UK trains goes ahead, the government has said.
About 1,400 jobs are under threat after the company lost out to Siemens as the government's preferred bidder for the £1.4bn Thameslink contract.
Bombardier, Cross Country Trains and Network Rail are all involved in a feasibility study, which aims to find out if the project will provide value for money for the taxpayer.

In a report, the DfT said: "We anticipate that, if it proceeds, this work would be delivered largely from within the industry's UK operations and will safeguard jobs at the Bombardier works, including their design team and with the company's supply chain."