Tuesday 20 September 2011

Keswick to Penrith Railway Re-opening?

CKP Railways plc has made an application in the second round of the Regional Growth Fund for a grant towards the eventual re-opening of the Keswick to Penrith Railway. http://www.keswickrailway.com/index.html
Funding is sought to get through the next legal and development stages, then hopefully begin work on the ground.
According to the CKP website "The application seeks funding to build on the technical and environmental work paid for by our supporters so far"
About £400,000 has been raised to date

 Keswick Station Buildings
The line only closed in 1972 and most of the earthworks and bridges are still in place. In the few areas where the line has been blocked by development, plans have been drawn up for re-alignment of the track, which in each case appears to be quite feasable.  http://www.keswickrailway.com/id36.html
Keswick Station has survived almost intact and is a constant reminder of when the line was active.