Sunday, 30 October 2011

Routemaster on Track

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Stagecoach in Chesterfield ran a Routemaster in service on Saturday 29th October to commemorate the end 106 years of running on "The Track".  Horse Trams began operating between Brampton & Chesterfield town centre back in 1882. Electric tramways commenced in 1905 & at this time the line was extended to serve Whittington Moor. Since then, despite the replacement of tramcars with trolleybuses & subsequently motorbuses, the bus services along this route have always been fondly referred to as “The Track”.

Now, the route is being split, with current services 50 & 50A are being curtailed to operate between Chesterfield town centre, New Whittington, Eckington & Sheffield only. A new 84 service will be introduced, operating  between Holymoorside and Brampton in the west of the town, to Chesterfield & Calow Royal Hospital and 106 years of continuous operation on “the track” will therefore come to an end.

These pictures taken in the Holymoorside area, show the Routemaster in operation and more can be found on the FocusFlickr site.