Saturday 26 November 2011

MAN 18.220 Alexander ALX300 B42F in Cavendish Street Chesterfield

Colin Sellers has sent this picture of V812 DFV, one of the so called "Barges" that have been part of the bus scene for some years now. They have been replaced by the new Enviro 200's which hit the streets during the week and the "Barges" will now supposedly leave the Chesterfield fleet. However, such plans are sometimes changed so those of you in the Chesterfield area, please keep a look out to see whether these vehicles really have finished their service in Derbyshire.
The current Fickr update shows the ALX300's in their final days of service and the new 61 reg ADL Enviro 200's on their first day of operation. The new buses have been acquired to run on the Newbold circular route 10 and will replace Dennis Darts which in turn are being cascaded within the fleet to replace the "Barges"