Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New Stagecoach Livery

A new variation of Stagecoach livery has been introduced for vehicles operating on the X34 Newcastle to Horsley Hill (South Shields) service.  MAN ALX300 22050 has received the new livery and has entered service on the X34 which, until recently has been the preserve of  B10M's. Following the introduction of new Enviro 400 hybrids into the Newcastle fleet, 22050 was one of a number of MAN's transferred from Newcastle to South Shields depot. Two other  vehicles, thought to be 22049 and 22051 are scheduled to receive the new X34 livery.
 22050 is overtaken by Stagecoach Enviro 300 27507 on Pilgrim Street Newcastle
Stagecoach B10M 20552 received a pink livery for the X34 route in December 2009. The bus stayed in these colours
until recently when the B10M's were replaced by newer vehicles. Is this the only vehicle in the Stagecoach fleet 
to have received a pink livery?
David Gambles