Friday, 16 December 2011

East Midland Liveries

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It has been a pleasure to see Colin Seller's photographs of the East Midland liveried Dennis Dart displayed on our FocusFlickr website. Stagecoach are to be congratulated for painting the vehicle in this heritage livery and in doing so reviving memories of the old East Midland company.
To see more photos of the bus out and about and in service, visit the Flickr site on the link below.

As a bonus, Tony Wilson has sent two pictures of buses that were painted in the earlier East Midland livery which I clearly remember from my childhood days and being disappointed when I realised that the old livery was being replaced by the then new maroon and cream.

David Gambles

Bristol VR 204 New Beetwell Street, Chesterfield in April 1992 65-years

Olympian 137 St.Mary's Gate, Chesterfield August 2002 75-years