Thursday, 8 December 2011

Go North East Bendy Buses - More Pictures

Following our posting on 5th December showing the ex London bendy buses in service I managed to see three of them in service yesterday and travelled on 5348 from Gateshead Interchange to the Metrocentre.
The following photographs show the interior of 5348 which has had the centre door removed and the wheelchair ramp moved to the entrance opposite the driver.
In order to provide room for wheelchairs to enter through the front entrance, the plinth on which the front nearside seat is situated has been cut back.
The interiors look very smart and clean and two passengers commented during the journey that they could smell paint or polish. Although I sat at the rear of the vehicle I found the engine noise wasn't too intrusive.
5348 (left) picks up passengers at Gateshead Interchange whilst 5347 waits nearby © David Gambles 
 The centre door has been removed, seen here on 5347 © David Gambles

The new floor covering shows where the plinth has been cut back to allow access for wheelchairs © David Gambles
A manual wheelchair ramp has been installed at the front entrance © David Gambles

 The service is well used © David Gambles
 The interiors are clean and smart © David Gambles

David Gambles