Sunday 18 December 2011

HS2 Would put Sheffield homes at risk

Although approval hasn't even been given for the first stage of HS2 between London and Birmingham, scaremongering is taking place for if the line is ever extended north to Sheffield.
Action Groups Against High Speed Two are now speculating that the line will approach Sheffield from the east, saying “The line into Sheffield is likely to come up from north Derbyshire between Sheffield and Rotherham and, due to the 250mph speed of trains, it will have to be in a straight line.
“Dozens of homes and business premises will have to be demolished to make way for the tracks.”
It is predicted that the route could run east of Chesterfield, close to the old Great Central line from Sheffield Victoria to London, near suburbs such as Beighton and Woodhouse.
Maybe we shall see the revival of the Great Central after all and see justification for re-opening the Woodhead line! See pictures below

David Gambles

 The third and newest of the Woodhead Tunnels opened in 1953 and was built to take twin electrified tracks. Passenger services ended in 1970 and the last train passed through in 1981. The tunnel is now owned by National Grid plc.

 A goods train emerges from Woodhead Tunnel 3. The older tunnels 1 & 2 can be seen to the left
of the newer tunnel.
I feel an article about Woodhead and the Great Central main line coming on!