Sunday, 4 December 2011

Richard Lomas - Update

It is hoped that Richard will have keyhole surgery at some stage during this week to remove the dead pancreas, cyst and gall bladder, but before that can happen the salts in his body need to be stabilised and for this reason he has had a line put into his neck so they can administer salts.  His consultant is hoping that over this weekend the salts will become normal again and then he will be hopefully having keyhole surgery next week.
Obviously he is far from well and it will be some time before he will be able to come home and return to a normal lifestyle.
We continue to wish him well and will keep everyone informed of his condition.
Our best wishes also go to his wife Kath and family who are supporting him through this unexpected serious illness.
Those that have been good enough to visit Richard and those that might be intending to do so should note that he has been moved a ward where visiting is more strictly controlled, so if intending to visit they should liaise with Kath.

David Gambles