Tuesday, 24 January 2012

30,000 Leeds Bus Lane Offenders

A Leeds city centre enforcement camera snapping motorists illegally nipping into bus lanes to avoid traffic congestion is proving a mega money spinner for the council with the number of offenders reaching almost 30,000.

In the six months since the cameras were introduced around the city, 29,325 drivers have been fined a total of £712,000 for flouting the bus lane regulations.
And nearly 30 per cent of the total - 8,678 - were caught breaching the restrictions at just one location - the Vicar Lane, Headrow-Eastgate junction where motorists should turn left down Lady Lane.
Cameras could now be extended to other bus lanes.


Coun Richard Lewis, council executive member for development, said:  “It is addressing the problem of selfish drivers blocking bus lanes and slowing down buses, with knock-on effects to other road users across the city centre.

Focus Comment
It is a pity that other cities where bus lane abuse is rife do not take this matter seriously. Newcastle upon Tyne is a free for all with bus and "no car" lanes regulations being abused almost every minute of the day. If rules are not enforced it encourages disrespect by those who think the law is for other people to obey. The Leeds scheme shows that if a council invests in enforcement, it can pay for itself in a short space of time.