Friday 13 January 2012

Eastbourne Bus Gate

GX58 GKE Stagecoach 27574 in Terminus Road Eastbourne in April 2009
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Stagecoach has indicated that the opening of a new "bus gate" in Eastbourne will enable them to re-route the two existing services that serve the north and south harbours to be combined, doubling the peak frequencies and meaning improvements to evening and Sunday bus services.
Promises have been received that the long-awaited bus gate will be in place before any construction work starts on the Sovereign Harbour Retail Park. The Bus gate will prevent the roads from becoming a rat run for other motorists by special bollards triggered by equipment on the buses.

If you missed our posting on 2nd January about what happens to vehicles when they try and follow buses through bus gates click on the links below to see just how effective rising bollards can be!

David Gambles