Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to you all and a big thank you for visiting the Focus Transport websites throughout the year.
This Blog was started on 14th May 2011 and during the intervening 7½ months we have received over 52,000 page views. We will continue to bring you a flow of news and other interesting items, so please visit us daily and also please support our sponsors.

As you will be aware, Richard Lomas started the Blog, with me sharing in the contributions but sadly Richard has spent the last two months in hospital and is still a long way from full recovery.
Kath Lomas sent us a report yesterday saying "Richard is progressing slowly after his operation last week but is rather fed up with himself and his situation and desperate to get home.
He is now starting to get around a little on a zimmer again, so that might lift his spirits a bit"
Until Richard was rushed into hospital he appeared to be fit and well and it is frightening to think that he deteriorated so quickly and has required so much treatment. It is a reminder to us all to make the most of our good health, as you never know what is around the corner.
David Gambles
Obviously we send Richard, Kath and their family our best wishes 
and hope that their lives will soon return to normal.

I will do my best with the Blog in the meantime!
David Gambles