Saturday 14 January 2012

More Bendy Bus Pictures

A few more pictures of the ex London bendy buses now operating in Tyneside. More pictures can be seen on FocusFlickr
 5342 (BP57 UYE) makes the tight turn from New Bridge Street West into Pilgrim Street in Newcastle.
Hopefully the recent damage to the barrier, seen near the rear of the bus  wasn't caused by a bendy bus!
The interiors seem to have been cleaned to a high standard

 5340 (BL57 OXK) pauses at Gateshead Interchange to pick up passengers en route to Heworth
 5345 approaches the interchange in Gateshead heading for Newcastle
 Wheelchair access has been created at the front entrance by cutting back the nearside front foot-rest plinth.
The centre door ramp remains in situ but out of use and a new manually operated ramp has been fitted 
at the front entrance door.     (See photos on FocusFlickr)
Having travelled from Gateshead via the Tyne Bridge 5340 is on Pilgrim Street approaching Newcastle city centre
 All pictures © David Gambles

See FocusFlickr for further pictures of these vehicles in Tyneside

David Gambles