Saturday 21 January 2012

New Enviro 200's for Stagecoach North East

Stagecoach North East have taken delivery of their new Enviro 200's so I made a trip to South Shields to see them in action. They follow previous batches on Enviro 200 bodied vehicles in this modern fleet which now has an impressive low average age.
Previous deliveries of the Enviro 200 have included a batch of MAN 14.240's which, from the front, are visually similar. The emergency door position and window detail varies between the batches of Enviro 200's as can be seen from the photos below.
Further pictures of these vehicles and others in South Shields will be shown on our FocusFlickr site.
One of the new Stagecoach North East Enviro 200's 36463 passes
39714 NK58 AGZ one of the MAN 14.240 versions of the Enviro 200.
36469 above is one of the new vehicles compared to 39714 one of the MAN 14.240's below. 
Note the differences in window sizing and position of the emergency door

27728 one of the NK11 batch of Enviro 200's. These have the
emergency door at the extreme rear of the nearside of the vehicle
All pictures 
© David Gambles
36471 NK61 ECW   Now, what does ECW remind me of?
All pictures © David Gambles