Friday 27 January 2012

New FirstGroup Livery

FirstBus have unveiled their new livery as part of their ‘Better Journeys for Life’, a new brand promise which sets out the group’s aims and plans. One of the first visible signs of the new brand will be a new ‘refreshed’ livery which is being rolled out on First bus fleet across the UK (excluding London) in the next few weeks.
The new livery will have a standard template, however, there will be flexibility for local teams to customize certain areas of the vehicle’s exterior to prominently show town and city names or route specific identities – fitting in with the group’s desire to provide local services for local communities.

Link forwarded by Tony Wilson, Phil G and Steven Hodgson

First have recently issued their Interim management Statement on trading during the third quarter from 1 October to 31 December 2011

UK Bus
Like-for-like passenger revenue increased by 1.8% during the period. As previously indicated, the weak
economic environment continues to present challenging trading conditions, particularly in Scotland and the
North of England, where a significant portion of our urban operations are concentrated. As a result we are
achieving lower growth rates in these areas as we see a widening north-south divide. Our priority remains to
maintain our strong cost discipline and focus while equipping our networks, as appropriate, for future growth.
UK Rail
During the period our rail division delivered another strong performance with like-for-like passenger revenue
increased by 8.0%. We are pleased that the Department for Transport initiated the pre-qualification process
for the Thameslink and Great Western franchises and look forward to bidding for these as well as progressing
further new franchise opportunities as they emerge.

David Gambles