Saturday, 25 February 2012

Go-Ahead Group take over Carousel

"It has been announced that the Go-Ahead Group is in the process of taking over the Carousel Buses company. Based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire this company of around fifty vehicles has operated a variety of routes through the town and around the surrounding area for several years.
Secondhand buses such as Dennis Darts, Leyland Olympians, MCW Metrobuses and Volvo B7TLs have been sourced from some of the London bus companies, but in recent times new vehicles have been acquired, including three 12m long Irisbus AgoraLine, three MAN 14.220/MCV Stirling, three Mercedes-Benz Citaro, a single Plaxton Primo and in January 2012 a trio of Mercedes-Benz OC500U/MCV C124RLE Evolution. So, very much a mixed bag of vehicles.
The basic livery which began as London red has been adapted to red and maroon, although that said, a number of vehicles have been route branded for specific duties."

Tony Wilson