Saturday 11 February 2012

Past Rallies

I was looking at some pictures taken over the past few years, mainly at rallies when the sky was blue and the air warm when I thought that seeing as the present weather forecast is cold, why not run a feature where you invite viewers to submit their own classic pictures taken on bright sunny days. ( there must have been a few down the years ).
The bright colours and blue skies will give us all a lift and maybe help us all to look forward to better days while enjoying a bit of the past.

As a starter, I submit two of my pictures both taken at the Cobham event in 2008.
The first is a Leyland Tiger Cub with Weymann's classic 'Fanfare' body in Southdown colours whilst the second is an AEC Reliance with Harrington 'Grenadier' body in the colours of Western Welsh.
So, come on all you bus photographers and lets see if we can brighten up these winter days.

Dennis Basford

Focus Comment  -  Excellent Idea Dennis, if anyone wants to send their pictures of past events please email them to
Likewise, if anyone has other suggestions for articles or contributions, please send them for consideration to the same email address.

David Gambles