Monday, 27 February 2012

NBfL Finally in Service

London Transport's new bus finally took to the streets today on route 38.

The total cost of building the buses was £11.7million - so far  £1.46 million each. If more are built the project can be justified and costs will come down.
Eight buses will operate along route 38 which runs between Hackney, East London, and Victoria station – one of the city's busiest routes.
I travelled all the way from Northumberland the previous week to witness this significant occasion but due to the one week delay never got my chance to ride on this impressive looking vehicle.
Many people thought that the bus would never be designed and manufactured in such a short timescale. They were wrong, this is an excellent example of British "can do" attitude.
We hope to see more orders placed for future deliveries.

Have you travelled on the new bus today? If so please send  pictures to

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  1. Reply to comment below from Anonymous. Yes, we are looking forward to seeing more of the new London buses and we have added
    to the wording to reflect that. The NBFL project is one that British Industry should be proud of and most people will be pleased if further
    orders are placed for the new vehicle. We didn't intend to sound gloomy. When Boeing launch a new plane they normally have firm orders for more than eight! Thanks for your comments.

    I see you have repeated the comment I've seen elsewhere that the NBfL cost "£1.46million each". Whilst this may be mathematically correct(!), simply applying the development costs to just the first 8 built is nonsense - you might just as well say that (in another field) the €11 billion development costs of the A380 aircraft should have been recovered from the first eight they built - whereas they take a longer view. The NB4L is a welcome new design; be gloomy if you like, but I'm rather looking forward to seeing more of them.