Monday 5 March 2012

Stagecoach Yorkshire goes "Smart".

Card not accepted!! but it does accept the English National concessionary bus pass.

From today, Monday 5th March 2012, buses operated by Stagecoach Yorkshire will now read the English National concessionary Travel Cards electronically.

A Worksop operated TransBus Trident / ALX400 departs New Beetwell Street, Chesterfield.

Lincolnshire went live with this feature 3 months ago, causing confusion for passengers on route 77 Chesterfield / Worksop. An operation shared by Stagecoach's Worksop (4 vehicles) & Chesterfield (2 vehicles) depots.
Worksop drivers informing pass users to put their passes on the machine, whereas Chesterfield drivers were telling them not to.