Sunday 29 April 2012

Addison Lee Update

An update to our posting on 20th April is that Transport for London has won a High Court victory in its battle to stop a minicab firm using bus lanes.
Mr Justice Eder called it “necessary, just and convenient” to grant TfL a temporary injunction preventing Addison Lee encouraging its drivers to enter the lanes until a judicial review, possibly before the Olympics. Europe’s largest minicab firm, with 3,700 vehicles,  wants equal right with black cabs to use the bus lanes. TfL says this will be detrimental to bus passengers because routes will become more congested. About 60 Addison Lee drivers have each been fined £130 for using bus lanes. The judge feared all 60,000 minicab drivers could use bus lanes if the protest spread, saying: “Without an injunction there is a substantial risk of significant problems.”
Adison Lee also advertise coaches for hire on their website
The court said the firm can legally reimburse any driver fined. It has also become apparent this week that government contracts with Addison Lee will not be renewed.
Health, education, work and pensions, the Foreign Office and the Cabinet Office have all used the firm in the past.
Link from Tony Wilson