Friday, 4 May 2012

'Cash for Crash' on Buses

Crooks are filling buses with stooges before ramming them with cars for the whiplash payouts in a 'cash-for-crash' crimewave that is sweeping Britain.
The fake passengers can make bogus claims from unsuspecting insurance companies in the scam which is costing the country's economy millions of pounds a year.
In one recent scam being probed by detectives, 36 fake passengers made injury claims on board one bus after an Audi TT rammed into its side.
After five similar incidents in Cheshire racked up £1 million in illegal claims, police launched an 18-month investigation to catch the crooks.
They believe the incidents are all linked and organised by an underworld gang.
The nationwide issue was brought to light by Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke who has held a 'Whiplash Summit' in Parliament in a bid to crack down on the crooks.
Under his new measures, injury claimants will be thoroughly checked by specially-trained teams of doctors before claims are made.
Lawyers will also be banned from offering no-win-no-fee deals.
There has been a 70 per cent rise in personal injury claims from road accidents in the past six years, and Britain is Europe's whiplash capital