Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Fine Pair of 37's

Yesterday, the rails at Chesterfield provided the path for a fine pair of 37s on the southbound 'boat train' from Edinburgh to Southampton. Usually hauled by 47-class diesels, but after last week's debacle, the 37's were back in action, as they rumbled and thundered their way through. Last week the 47's failed miserably and ended up 4-hours late, having been replaced by the 37s from Barrow Hill. Needless to say passengers missed their connections onto the respective ships and had to be flown out to their destinations. Rather costly I imagine, thus the more reliable (!) 37s provided motive power this week. And very nice they were too. One had plenty of time to prepare the Box Brownie as they could be heard for ages before they appeared around the corner.
Tony Wilson

 A 47 was allowed at the rear of the train in the shape of 47810
See Focus on flickr for more pictures of the current railway scene in Chesterfield