Wednesday, 16 May 2012

On the Move 3

In the early 1950's new flat fronted body styling was very much in fashion and in some cases, half cab style chassis were fitted with the new style bodywork, as in this case with LRM 806, a 1953 AEC Regal which was operated by Brownriggs Coaches of Cumbria. This Plaxton bodied coach has been stored for 18 years and now it needs to be taken on a 40 mile journey to the Cumbria Classic Coaches depot in Ravenstonedale.

 Will she start?

 Will this be needed?

 Seats look a bit worn

 Rubbish cleared away from the side and we can now admire the clean lines of the Plaxton bodywork.
OK some of it is missing, but you can use imagination
 Rubbish cleared from the front and the moment of truth. Batteries are
connected and the starter button is pressed.

To be continued on this Focus Blog

David Gambles