Friday 13 July 2012

Designline Update

© Sean Blair

Following our posting about the Designline vehicles being moved froStagecoach Walkergate depot, Sean Blair has sent us a picture of the all ten of the disused Designline Hybrids which are now in the storage yard.
Hopefully they will be re-powered in some way and see further use as they are only seven years old and
were used for just five years on the Newcastle and Gateshead Quaylink contract.
In response to our previous posting Huw Lewis from Nexus sent a comment saying that "We can confirm we have sold these vehicles to a private company, which we understand is now preparing them for a new role"
Dan Sellers has sent us the following information and links which very much confirms that operators throughout the world are experiencing difficulties with the Designlines and that they are being withdrawn from service.

From Dan Sellers "I found out that Baltimore in USA and Auckland in New Zealand have also experienced the same reliability issues and are withdrawing / have withdrawn theirs"

You may find this set on Flickr interesting.

Withdrawn Designline in Auckland, New Zealand (look familiar!):
"The photographer has a number of pictures in their photostream showing withdrawn Auckland Designlines. There are also some very smart looking ADL Enviro200s in service down under; some of which have replaced the Designlines"