Friday 6 July 2012

Leeds Trolleybus Scheme Approved

Trolleybuses are set to return to Leeds after Transport Secretary Justine Greening approved a new £250 million state-of-the-art public transport system expected to generate 4,000 new jobs and boost the West Yorkshire economy.
The New Generation Transport scheme, delivering the UK’s first modern electric trolleybus system, will receive the bulk of the funding (up to £173.5 million) from the Department for Transport with the remainder (£76.5 million) coming from local authorities. The project has been granted “programme entry status” by the Department for Transport allowing Metro (West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive) to apply for the statutory consents necessary for the scheme. Subject to these being granted work will start in 2016 with the trolleybus fully operational in 2018.
Commenting on her decision, Justine Greening said:
“Leeds will have new state-of-the-art trolleybuses that will be faster, more reliable and greener than their predecessors. They will make public transport in Leeds more accessible and attractive than ever before and I know trolleybuses will be transformational for growth and jobs in West Yorkshire.
“Investment on this scale in precisely this kind of infrastructure is a recognition of how crucial Leeds and Yorkshire are to the long-term success of the British economy. It is also a great example of what this coalition government and West Yorkshire partners can achieve when we knuckle down together and stick at finding a real solution to today’s challenges.”
 When the trolleybus system is completed it will run from Holt Park in the north to Stourton in the south, linking with two Park-and-Ride sites. The trolleybus will operate in exclusive designated road lanes along more than 40 per cent of its 8.7 mile length.