Sunday, 5 August 2012

Apology as photo pair are challenged

OLYMPIC organisers have apologised after photographers were told to stop taking pictures of buses in Weymouth.
Local historian and keen transport photographer Brian Jackson was shocked when a security officer told him to stop taking photos of buses in the Swannery car park on Saturday.
He said: “I was on the pavement taking pictures of a line of buses for historical purposes to capture the occasion.
“I started aiming the camera and the next thing I know this comedian came over and said you can’t do that.
“I said I’m on a public pavement and I just carried on taking pictures.”
Mr Jackson, 69, who lives in Weymouth, said he was surprised to be challenged by the security officer and responded by taking a photo of them.
He said: “It’s the principle of it, I just thought it was unreal.
“I have been photographing buses since September 1956 and I have never had any trouble from it.”
Mr Jackson’s encounter with the security staff came the day after fellow Weymouth photographer Idris Martin was also told to stop taking photographs at the site by security staff and they even threatened to call the police.
The 61-year-old, who is a member of the Bureau of Freelance Photographers, said there should be no reason why snappers should not be allowed to take pictures when they were in a public place.
He said: “I was taking a panor-amic view of the car park and they came over and said you have got no right to take pictures.
“I said I have got every right.”
Mr Martin added: “In public places there is no law preventing photographers from taking photos.
“To be honest they may have been told to challenge anybody taking photos but there are ways of doing it and they should be informed of the law as well.”
A spokesman for the Olympic Delivery Authority said: “The on-site staff were being extra cautious about security risks during the games and we don’t have any issue with people taking pictures from a public highway. We would like to say sorry for any inconvenience caused.”
She added that staff at the site had been briefed on the issue and said if anyone wishing to take photographs identifies themselves staff should be able to help them and ensure there are no safety issues with the buses in the area.

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