Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympic Transport Success

Well, the Olympics have closed and the country is returning to normal. The massive task of providing transport for competitors, officials and spectators has worked well and all those involved should be congratulated on their combined efforts.
 Go North East displayed Good Luck messages on some their
ex London bendy buses which now operate in the Gateshead area
Staff, buses and coaches can return to their depots and resume their normal life in service, hopefully the staff that have spent time away from home can take a well earned rest - well for a few days at least!
There will be many stories to be told by those that have taken part in providing the essential services that moved people to where they needed to be. All in all it appears to have gone like clockwork and the transport organisers will have learnt many lessons that can be used in future mass movements of passengers.
We send our congratulations to those athletes that have been awarded medals for their efforts and wish every success to those that will take part in the forthcoming Paralympics which begin on 29th August. Although this is a smaller event in comparison to the main Olympics public transport will play a big part in moving people to and from the games.          David Gambles

 A bus did appear in one the Olympic events!
Stagecoach Yorkshire YN57 MXJ has been employed in Newcastle during the Olympic period,
covering for Enviro 400's transferred to London
 Stagecoach Western SF10 CDN 15645 in the centre of Newcastle, on route 12 to Wallsend
seen on 8th August 2012 during Olympic coverage duties
Above.  Stagecoach Western SF53 BYW 18004 seen on Grainger Street, Newcastle on 8th August on service 38
whilst on loan to Stagecoach North East during the Olympic period.

Below. Newcastle played its part by providing a venue for some of the Olympic football events and here we see
Stagecoach YN60 CKO heading out of Newcastle on one of the match dates, when various road closures took place.