Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I'm resident in London for the next few days and yesterday I managed to have my first ride on the NBfL.
From my front seat on the top deck it was a very pleasant experience, the bus was quiet and the suspension seemed to soak up any indentations in the road. At times the engine cut out when the bus was stationary but from the top deck it was difficult to understand what was going on below.
 At long last, my first trip on the NBfL is about to start at
Victoria Bus Station. (click to enlarge picture)
The vehicle still gets a good number of admiring glances and quite a few people pointed to it at bus stops and decided to run for it to make a trip.
The bus had the rear platform door opened with a member on staff positioned to supervise things. Whether anyone ever hops off at traffics lights etc I don't know, so I might try that in the next few days!
Now, where should I go today, maybe a look at the new Croydon trams or a ride on the Emirates Air Line cable car. Watch this space!

David Gambles

 The interiors are pleasantly trimmed in a retro style and the seats are comfortable

 As we progressed north I counted five other NBfL's heading south. Apparently there were five in operation.

 The rear platform was open for the duration of the journey