Wednesday 19 September 2012

New Croydon Trams

Since my last visit to Croydon in February six new trams have been delivered, so I headed for Croydon yesterday to take a ride on the new vehicles which have been supplied by Swiss manufacturer Stadler. Variobahn vehicles of the same type have already been in use in Cologne in Germany, so the technology is tried and tested and the new trams have entered service with little or no major problems.
Croydon now has 24 trams in total and passenger numbers are far in excess of original forecasts.
As well as the new trams there are schemes being implemented to increase track capacity, as there are many stretches of single track sections. A new passing loop has just been opened on the approach to Elmers End and on our journey there this new loop was used by a tram which had been following closely.
 The first of the new trams seen when we arrived was 2554 which is carrying an overall advertising livery

 New and old seen at West Croydon Station

 2558 at East Croydon Station. The numbering of the new trams has followed on
from the system used for the previous trams.

 We decided to take a trip on 2557 and boarded at East Croydon Station

 A small ramped area of the platform has been constructed at East Croydon tram stop
to enable disabled access where the platform slopes slightly

 Interiors are attractive and the floors level throughout

 The view through the rear of 2557 showing some the street running sections en route to Elmers End

 After the street running section the track takes the path of an old railway

 We took a trip on 2547 from Elmers End where there is only one platform
meaning that following trams have to wait in a newly constructed loop

 We eventually reached Wimbledon where the trams share what has become a bay platform
 for trams and also Network Rail trains that approach from the opposite direction.
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