Saturday 27 October 2012

200,000 Page Views.

At 09:19 this morning the Focus Blog reached another milestone in that we have now achieved 200,000 page views since the first posting on 14th May 2011.

During the one year and five months that we have been running we have tried to bring you an interesting and varied selection of items (mostly) related to public transport.
The Blog was introduced to supplement what was being posted on the original Focus Transport main site and which is still going strong and which is usually updated weekly. At the same time the FocusFlickr site was introduced which shows a wide selection of photo sets.
Sadly, earlier this year Richard Lomas, who set up this Blog, passed away which was a tremendous shock to us all. Richard also had a tram blog which is still being updated by his wife Kath.
The Blog doesn't write itself and is a constant drain on personal time, so it is gratifying to see that the number of page views varies between 500 and 600 per day and is sometimes much more than that if we post something that is particularly newsworthy. We could always do with more contributions so this is yet another appeal for snippets and pictures that would be appropriate. In the meantime thanks to those that have contributed and hopefully will continue to do so.

David Gambles