Monday, 8 October 2012

Any colour as long as it's Red

Ken Jones made a brief visit to London during the week and took a few pictures using his camera phone. Three of them are shown below together with a selection of mine taken last month during my three days spent in the capital.

 The recent exceptions to the 'any colour as long as it's red' rule have been during the Olympic Games period, where a number of vehicles have carried advertising for the Games sponsors as seen in these shots. This Arriva Wright bodied Volvo promotes Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. Did ken take his pictures on a Samsung Galaxy we wonder?
 This Metroline operated Enviro 400 carries an advert for Visa and is seen leaving Victoria
 A Wright Volvo promoting Vodaphone who have sponsored this style of advertising on buses in many UK towns and cities during the summer.
 In outer London buses can be found in other colours such as this East Lancs Olympus bodied Scania operating in Kingston on a University shuttle service. It had recently been transferred to Kingston from Colchester and still carries the Colchester livery which makes a pleasant change to London red.
 Exceptions to the red rule still exist - for now, as seen here on London United Dennis Trident with Alexander bodywork in Wimbledon. When this type disappears from the streets of London the livery shown here will also disappear and be replaced by the livery shown below.

Finally, a 'what if' moment. What if the NBfL could be ordered by companies outside London?

Here we see a clever mock up of the vehicle in Nottingham livery which suits it well. Whether the bus would be suitable for use on the streets of Nottinham is an interesting question.
Thanks to the owner of the picture for allowing us to show it and for Martin Arrand for arranging this. More can be found on