Saturday 17 November 2012

304 In Service at Beamish

As a follow up to the previous posting about Blackpool Coronation car 304 I visited Beamish Museum on Sunday 11th November in the hope of seeing it in service. I was not to be disappointed and had a number of rides on it during the day. The drivers commented favourably on how it performs and the Vambac (Variable Automatic Multinotch Braking and Acceleration Control) system seems have behaved itself during the time it has been in service at Beamish.

 Our first view of 304 in service as she enters the main street of Beamish in the morning sunshine

 We boarded and took our first trip around the Beamish circuit
 The tram is controlled by a single lever which is pushed forward to engage power and pulled back to operate brakes

 304 looks very much at home on the main street of Beamish (above & below)

 We boarded again for a second trip and as we left the main street we spotted the 'Bank Manager' standing outside his premises

 Whilst travelling the circuit we met examples of other forms of public transport 
(above and below)

 During her stay at Beamish 304 had a slight accident with the replica Daimler bus, seen here central in the picture. Both vehicles suffered slight damage, but one week on there is little evidence of the encounter - unless you know where to look that is!  These things happen and it would seem that no one was injured. Trams and buses can soon be repaired.

 A look at the interior which is bright and pleasant  and must have seemed very modern in 1952 when 304 was delivered

 Time for us to depart and a last look at the tram as we head for the exit. 304 was scheduled to finish her stint at Beamish and return to the Lancastrian Transport Trust.
It would be nice if she could stay longer as the public seemed very impressed by the vehicle.
David Gambles                                                                                                                                      .