Monday 12 November 2012

Launch of Volvo Angel Hybrids

Go North East officially launched their new Angel hybrid buses last week. The vehicles are the result of a £4.5 million investment by Go North East, supported by the Government's green bus fund. The high specification hybrid double deck buses for its Angel 21 service were launched with 'green angels' travelling around on buses giving out free prizes including free travel, Starbucks and Pizza Hut gift cards, concert tickets donated by Metro Radio and Angel branded goodies. 
The buses have been in operation since 22nd October.
The distinctive graphics work well without blanking off large areas of the windows

 above and below The new hybrids approach Gateshead Interchange heading to Newcastle

 Angel hybrid at Eldon Square bus station

 The route in Newcastle towards Eldon Square bus station is via Blackett Street where the new hybrids share road space with Stagecoach ADL hybrids

 One of the new buses reverses out of its stand at Eldon Square bus station as one of the ex London Volvos used on the Pronto service waits for access to the stand for X21 service. The Pronto is the express version of the route to Durham which then continues on to Bishop Auckland.

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