Friday 16 November 2012

More from Lincoln

More pictures from the Lincoln Vintage Vehicle Society open day.

Chris Stewart sends us his favourite.

 Only one of many favourites, and an unplanned visitor as well I believe. I went to Polytechnic in Nottingham two years too late for these (or indeed any of Barton's deckers, although South Notts still had a pair of PD3s to this layout), but did go round Redferns' depot in Mansfield once where this and another one were residing with their subsequent owner. A pity 854's lost its original registration but that's a minor point compared to the chance of riding a lowbridge forward entrance Regent. CS

Here are more pictures with even more to be seen on FocusFlickr. here

 A feature of this event is that cars belonging to the museum are used to give visitors rides around the area

I travelled to the event on Leyland Tiger coach 283 URB, a very comfortable and warm vehicle.
Also in attendance from Chesterfield was Leyland PD2 225 LRB
David Gambles