Sunday, 2 December 2012

'Crosville' Outing

Cumbria Classic Coaches ex Crosville Leyland PS1 LFM 302 ventured out on its first wedding job yesterday in company with sister vehicle, ex Crosville  Lodekka 627 HFM. 

 Leaving Bowber Head at the start of their journey

The two vehicles travelled to Marton near Middlesbrough to pick up guests and transport them to Grinkle Hall near Whitby.

 Above and below, the two buses on the A66 near Stainmore
The two vehicles made a fine sight in their Crosville colours of cream and green and both performed well during the day, travelling a total distance of 276 km (170 miles).

 click to enlarge
The 'new' PS1 has been lettered with Cumbria Classic Coaches vinyls all produced 'in house' by Alison and Steve who run their Raven Graphics operation from Bowber Head where the Cumbria Classic vehicles are based. The rear of the PS1 has been lettered with special reflective material which hopefully will give following drivers a better view of the vehicle at night.

 Arrival at wedding venue Grinkle Hall
 Alison and Steve applying the vinyls to the ex Crosville Leyland PS1
 In daylight conditions the vinyl looks quite normal, but during darkness the letters reflect
as shown below