Sunday 30 December 2012

New Elite i On The Road

 54206  SF62 CRK Approaches Newcastle Walkergate Depot
Stagecoach Newcastle have received a new Plaxton Elite i at Walkergate depot for driver training purposes. I was invited to photograph the vehicle earlier this week.

The coach didn't look too large in comparison with other vehicles parked nearby and it seems much more in proportion compared to the 15 metre long Plaxton Panthers bought over the past few years for megabus work

The new vehicles are expected to be introduced into service on the M20 route during January.

 At the top of the front stairs is a chrome bar that pulls out to prevent access to the lower
 front driver and passenger area.
 The aisle has a cut out section at the top of the steps leading to the washroom, so at this point the aisle is quite narrow.

 The vehicle is being used for driver training purposes and it is seen here entering Walkergate Depot having returned from a short trip around the local area

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