Thursday 10 January 2013

A new concept for the Media Archive for Central England (MACE)…
…Time limited online screenings streamed at and Vimeo.
In the coming months MACE will ’screen’ a series of ten themed compilation films. Each themed compilation will stream online for 4 weeks.
'Top Deck Tales'
This video will be screened on Vimeo over Christmas and the New Year and a limited period afterwards
Video Description:
A compilation curated by the Media Archive for Central England looking at bus travel in the Midlands. Remembering the days when Midland Red buses ruled the roads of the region and the Bull Ring bus station was an exciting new development for passengers. Also a chance to see the final trolley buses running in Walsall, debating one of the burning questions of 1965: can women really drive buses? Includes archive shots of Nottingham buses.
Focus Comment 
Interesting to hear Donald Sinclair General Manager of BMMO talk enthusiastically about the new Bullring Bus Station - now long gone. He talks about how the new bus station avoids setting down and picking up at widely separated bus stops in the city centre. "The 80,000 sq ft bus station gives ease of loading under cover and is more comfortable for passengers"
Ironic that Birmingham have recently banned buses from some of the city streets to accommodate trams and in doing so have further inconvenienced passenger by banishing them to widely separated bus stops - Is this progress or have the Council no consideration for bus passengers?

David Gambles