Monday, 25 February 2013

Arriva 93/X93 to Use Double Deck Vehicles

Scania CN94UB, Scania Omnicity seen in Whitby
on the 93 service in 2011
According to the Arriva website amongst the revisions to the 93/X93 services between Scarborough, Whitby and Middlesbrough from March 24, will be the use of double deck vehicles.

Arriva say

  • The revised timetable will ensure that the vast majority of our regular users of the 93/X93 can expect most of the journeys to/from Scarborough and Middlesbrough to run all year round at the same times, irrespective of which timetable is in operation.
  • Improved AM & PM peak departure and arrival times for commuters and day trippers alike!
  • Extended later journey from Middlesbrough to Scarborough (& return to Whitby) 
  • Additional off peak journeys
  • Like last year, most of the journeys on Service 93/X93 will operate with double deck vehicles, however these buses will remain in place when the off peak timetable is in operation too, after the positive comments we received last year.
  • Due to the use of double deck vehicles however, from 24 March, this service will no longer operate via Stainsacre.
 You can find the new timetable here which will start from March 24 2013

Focus Comment. Having used the service between Scarborough and Middlesbrough during 2011 I can confirm that at times the service does require double deck vehicles. We travelled with a standing load from Scarborough the 16 miles to Robin Hoods Bay on the first service that departed Scarborough after 9.30am. Double deckers were used on some services last year and it's good to hear that Arriva are using them on the vast majority of services during 2013.

Tony Wilson comments
Now if Arriva can upgrade to deckers, why can't Trent, with the now rather out of step (so to speak), high step-entranced Red Arrow.

Not a particularly good image, but herewith attached is the last time I saw a decker on the 93 at Whitby, a handsome VR with United in the NBC days of August 1979. Almost typical scene with holidaymakers and a line of traffic waiting to cross the bridge. Spent many a happy hour with the family, leaning over the railings trying to catch crabs.
Tony Wilson