Saturday, 2 March 2013

New 10's On the Road

Go Ahead's new Volvo Wrights are on the road and are seen here during their first few days in service on Newcastle to Hexham route 10.

 My first sight of a new 'Ten' and two come along at once! One of these buses is running over 15 minutes late and has been caught up by the following vehicle. They are seen arriving together in Hexham.

 6071 One of the two buses backs up alongside the rare Volvo Plaxton 'Bus 2000' that is based at the Hexham depot. The second vehicle (6077) pulls around from the drop off stand.

 It departs empty, presumably to travel fast along its route to catch up on its scheduled slot in the timetable

 My journey from Hexham hospital to Newcastle was on NK62 FEU. It is seen pulling up outside the hospital.

The interiors are pleasant and have high backed seats with some degree of padding on the cushions.

WiFi is fitted together with power sockets accessible from each seat.

The WiFi connected quickly and gave good download speeds.
The Focus Transport websites were quickly found!

 Seen on Percy Street Newcastle as it turns into Eldon Square Bus Station is 6078 NK62 FHE

 The Ten service uses a dedicated stand at Eldon Square Bus Station. 6078 is seen here together with 6006 one of the Volvo Wrights dedicated to the X1 service.