Friday, 5 April 2013

John Shaw

John Shaw passed away yesterday 4th April 2013. He was well known in the north east as the owner of much travelled Guy Arab UFJ 292 which spent time in service with Shaw Bros of Byers Green and was re-acquired for preservation some years ago by John who returned it to the livery of the family company.
John's health latterly prevented him from driving the vehicle but undaunted he still travelled to many events having persuaded other drivers to take to the wheel of the trusty Guy.
He was immensely proud of the bus and made it known that he would like the vehicle used to transport him during his funeral, on his final journey to Byers Green Church.
Funeral arrangements will be advised in due course.



  1. I am very sorry to hear that. My condolences to his family.

  2. For those interested, John Shaw's funeral service will take place at St Peter's, Byers Green, at 1215 on Wednesday 17 April followed by cremation at Darlington at 1345. No flowers; donations in lieu to three chosen charities.

    He was 76 years old.
    Details kindly supplied by Alan Hall

  3. John was a great man in many ways. To me he was a good teacher, good mentor and great friend. We worked together for many years at Bonds in Willington where John took me under his wing, he took me out many evenings on the Bingo run where in between dropping the ladies off and picking them up later he would take me for driving lessons, usually in Bedford YRQ Duple TPT115K, around the many country lanes of County Durham, I was never allowed the luxury of headlights on an evening being told it would "make a better driver of you". Even today, some thirty or more years later I can still hear him shouting at me when I do wrong! After I passed my test John took me on Private Hires and tours with him teaching me the finer points of what we now call Customer Care. A true gentleman John will be sorely missed, a real character of our industry and a font of information.

    1. Yes Andrew I agree with all your comments-I never actually worked with John but met him at various rallies in his latter years and he always had a kind word with me.