Tuesday, 23 April 2013

More Green Line 757

Tony Wilson and Martin Arrand have sent more pictures of Green Line vehicles.

 LRC9 one of 5 supplied during 1985 for the 757 service. Eastern Coachworks were the body builders, this time on long wheel-based Leyland Olympians. This one is shown London-bound on the M1 near to Junction 4 at Edgware. Historical shot as it was taken before HGVs and PCVs were banned from the third lane of motorways.

 TL3 one of 42 supplied during 1982 to London Country Bus Services for various Green Line routes including the 757. These were Eastern Coachworks bodied Leyland Tigers. This one seen at speed along the Hendon Way near Brent Cross in North West London, prior to heading onto the M1 Motorway then non-stop to Luton.

 Back to modern times and seen above and below are shots of  current Van Hool vehicles taken in London