Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Daisy Goes to Hawes

Cumbria Classic Coaches latest addition to the fleet is earning it's keep and has proved to be useful addition. As previously reported it is a 1950 Leyland PS1 LFM 302 which has been named 'Daisy'. Last week it operated on the Kirkby Stephen to Hawes route and I took the opportunity to travel on the service and sample the delights of the bus and the scenery.

 Kirkby Stephen town centre and five minutes to go before departure. The bus has already picked up in Ravenstonedale and has called at Kirkby Stephen railway station to meet a northbound train and now awaits departure for Hawes.
 Nice quiet comfortable ride with no squeaks or rattles from the MCW body. Many of today's buses rattle from day one.
 Above & below. The vehicle looks quite at home in the narrow streets of Hawes. Modern coaches and HGV's use this same stretch of road but don't fit quite as well!

 After dropping passengers at the market and the Rope Works the bus continues to Hawes Creamery where driver and conductor have lunch. Later in the afternoon the crew bring the bus down to the Rope Works in readiness for the return journey. Here it meets the Wendsleydale bus which returns to Ripon.
 The Ripon service departs five minutes ahead of the Kirkby Stephen service
 A few minutes after leaving the Rope Works and picking up in town, the bus arrives again at the Creamery where more passengers board and then it's off again to Kirkby Stephen.
 The bus makes an extra stop in Kirkby Stephen to pick up the photographer who needed a loaf of bread from the Co-op!  Then off to Ravenstonedale and finally the bus depot.
 Daisy in line with other members of the fleet, dressed and ready for a wedding.
 The bus is proving popular with customers who are booking weddings

 I can highly recommend a day out on the Tuesday service to Hawes or the Wednesday service to Barnard Castle, both scheduled to coincide with market days. The routes take in some interesting scenery and it's a pleasure to make the journey in a vehicle that is suited to the narrow roads. A relaxing day out is assured!

David Gambles